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Order Soma 350 Mg

Order Soma 350 Mg

BTP012 APOLION / HELWULF / GRAB “Strike” (Italy / Finland / Greece) 2008 – 3 way Full-length Tape (limited to 333 copies) Tracklist: APOLION: 1. Blood Disease – 2. Hill of Perdition – 3. Wolf’s Chamber – 4. Deriva HELWULF: 5. Demise – 6. Korpi – 7. Kalma – 8. Ihmisviha – 9. Kostomme – 10. Arise – 11. Juo Kalijaa GRAB: 12. Under the Veil of Mysticism – 13. Kneel and Still You Shall Not Receive Any Forgiveness (Stoned Shit)


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