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Irish Record label, mail order and distro
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Buy Xanax Mexico Online “Witch Cross – Axe To Grind – LP” has been added to your cart.

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Buy Valium Wholesale

Dan Swanö and company are back with what could possibly be the best death metal release of 2004. With an all-star line up: Anders Nyström (Katatonia), Jonas Renske (Katatonia), Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity), Martin Axenrot (Witchery), and this time Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy) on vocals. This U.S. version has brand new artwork from artist Wes Benscoter. (2005) Track Listing: Cancer Of The Soul / Brave New Hell / Soul Evisceration / Outnumbering The Day / Feeding The Undead / Eaten / Bastard Son Of God / Year Of The Cadaver Race / The Ascension / Draped In Disease / Stillborn Saviour / Blood Vortex / Breeding Death (demo) / Ominous Bloodvomit (demo).

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