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Get Ambien Prescription Online

Originally planned to be released throught the notorious Selbstmord Services, this mammoth saw the pale light in 2004 throught the japanese label Deserted Factory.Recorded, mixed and mastered in three days by producer Pieter Kloos(The Devil’s Blood, Motorpsycho, Vanderbuyst…), in his The Void Studios in Eindhoven, Holland, it is the extended and enhanced version of the 2002 Bludgeon which caused a roar in the European (extreme) Doom scene… Bunkur played all the important doom fests prior or after the release. The basis here lies in the combination of authentic Doom with black metal spiced over by hints of Laibach, Carnivore and Autopsy.

One mammoth 65 minute song of torturous ultra-doom!!!

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