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Irish Record label, mail order and distro
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Buy Xanax Mexico Online “Witchcraft – Nucleus – DLP” has been added to your cart.

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Cheap Generic Soma

if you’ve ever read the bible, you know what they’re all about. With their unique combination of power, melody, and bittersweet lyrics, the band is clearly in class of its own. Long known for their outstanding live performances, The Riders, as fans call them, mesmerized over 50,000 metalheads with their nocturnal performance at the Wacken festival in 2007. Following up that memorable show, their last studio record ‘Licht’ broke the into the German charts, peaking at number 29. This year the band will co-headline Paganfest and go into the studio to record their new album slated for release in 2010. This U.S. Version of ‘Licht’ will come with six bonus tracks (2 studio, 4 live) and stunning new album art.

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