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Buy Xanax Hong Kong

After five years of waiting, Drastic’s (now DRASTIQUE) second album is finally ready to be published! There is a new line-up: Mahavira (ex Ensoph) and Fay (female vocalist) joined Chris in his project. “Pleasureligion”, this is the title of the album, will be deeply emotional and majestic, with original arrangements and unexpected sonic solutions. If you need some bands to be referred to, you can name Limbonic Art, Theatre of Tragedy, Tristania and Cradle of Filth. This is the track list: 5enses, The Succubus, Legacy of Fascination, Perfect Nothing, Maria Magdalena (a wired cover version of Sandra’s hit of the 80’s), Immortal Beloved, Voyage Dans La Femme. “Pleasureligion” is a concept album (as it happened for the previous one, “Thieves of Kisses”) focused on “the search for pleasure as a religion”, led by the sacred fire of such poets as D.Alighieri, W.Blake, S.T.Coleridge, J.Keats and P.B.Shelley.

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