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Irish Record label, mail order and distro
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Buy Xanax Mexico Online “Cinis – The Last Days of Ouroboros – CD” has been added to your cart.

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Order Real Adipex Online

If we think about Poland and it’s unique Extreme Metal Scene bands like Vader, Behemoth or Decapitated come to mind. Probably something is in the air or the devil himself is responsible: The number of creative acts out of germanys eastern neightbour doesn’t decrease. Faust Again from Grudziadz (Poland) illustrate this paradigm. Five kids who decided to contribute their talents to a band with strange name have always treated their music as a vehicle for feelings and thoughts to communicate with their listeners. Their latest full-length release “The Trial” is the evidence. Faust Again developed their truly aggressive, characteristic and powerful sound that combines classical death metal elements with everything that stands for “progression”.

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