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Irish Record label, mail order and distro
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Buy Xanax Mexico Online “Cinis – The Last Days of Ouroboros – CD” has been added to your cart.

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Buy Xanax Forum

Available now!

Originally released on cassette in 1995 the Of Romance & Fire demo was well received and the reviews were very encouraging, scoring high marks in the likes of Terrorizer, Aardshock and Ablaze. This secured them a deal with German label Ars Metalli (Arcane Sun) but the company folded before the band recorded anything and they slipped into obscurity.

Many years later those unfinished feelings were to be laid to rest at last as the core of the band got together to avail of the many improvements in recording technology and record those older tracks themselves, the tracks that should have featured on a debut album 10 years earlier.

After finding a suitable drummer and still finding their feet with the recording process one track was completed entitled “ In Ruins” which was not released but served to sharpen the appetite. Serious work began after this when it was decided that the fruits of these recordings should be given a proper release. After a few setbacks, another new drummer (Gary Sweeney), and many frustrations there was at last some light at the end of the tunnel.

Shortly before the new recording was complete, the old “Of Romance & Fire” demo was remastered and 99 copies released in CD form for the first time. These were sold in a fortnight with little promotion.

Finally in August 2007 “Shadows of Old Ghosts” was released. Featuring 3 tracks and spanning 34 minutes, this E.P has indeed banished those unfinished feelings carried around for so long, hence the title! This release shows much more maturity, both in sound and playing but especially within the arrangements of the tracks themselves while still staying faithful to their distinctive coarse and solemn sound-A fact noted by the many positive comments on metal forums since its release.

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