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Can You Buy Carisoprodol Online


Can You Buy Carisoprodol Online

Finnish cult-psych rockers Jess and the Ancient Ones will release their sophomore album, Second Psychedelic Coming: The Aquarius Tapes, Dec. 4 on Svart Records, and to herald the 2LP’s arrival like some kind of town crier in a rainbow-colored robe, the outfit have unveiled a new video for the track “In Levitating Secret Dreams,” which was also issued as a precursor 7″ that, by the reports I’ve seen, is pretty much gone at this point if not actually gone, despite not having yet been officially put out. Fair enough. One couldn’t reasonably expect it to last too long, with as strong a response as the band provokes. Likely the record itself will be similarly met upon its release.

In the meantime, “In Levitating Secret Dreams” serves as a decent reminder of why Jess and the Ancient Ones have had so much pull over the course of their tenure, their first album having been released to wide acclaim in 2011. The video, directed and animated by Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu, is a gorgeous multicolor exploration, and the song itself is no different, pushing against cult rock preconceptions with all the force of a Jeffersonian Airplane breaking through a wall of genre boundaries. Its late-’60s vibing rings fresh and clear almost half a century later, and if you hadn’t yet caught onto the first record, the track will surely pique interest in the second.

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