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Ordering Lorazepam In Canada


Ordering Lorazepam In Canada

Prime Evil is back !! The band didn’t get the chance in the 80?s for a record label deal and so there were only three demos in that time left, that became now cultic status during the years in the death/thrash metal scene. The band never disappeared completely (appearance on a compilation for example) but it took some long years with several line up changes to bring ‘ em back on the track. And now there is new 3-track EP called “Evilution” that will be published during Infernö Records. The band is ready to gain now the respect they deserve. “Crucifixion Aftermath” opens the inferno. Hectic and brutal shouts, guitar lines partly in high speed, partly slower after short breaks. It seems that Prime Evil wants to pack all their rage during the years in this 3 minute song. The vocals of Andy Eichorn are a mix of death growls and black shouts. Evil in every second… 1000 ton heavy riff is the base of “Barbarick Rites”. This song combines doom heaviness with aggressive cannibal-corpse like vocals. Slower song than the opener. Also Slayer vibes can be heard. What a scream that starts “Evilution Decree”. Highspeed guitars, animalistic drums. Again a song like the opener…brutal, hectic, aggressive. Andy’s high screams, that we know more from black metal bands, in duel with growling seems to be a trademark of Prime Evil. It is not easy to review an EP from a band that exist nearly 30 years and never had a record out (except the demos) and that is only in summary 7 minutes long. Good as an appetizer of what maybe is coming next. Death/Thrash fans of the older generations can notice Prime Evil on their papers for sure. I think it will not take that long for a full lenght record now with the label in their back. For brutal gourmets only….

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