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Irish Record label, mail order and distro
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Buy Xanax Mexico Online “Cinis – The Last Days of Ouroboros – CD” has been added to your cart.

Ordering Lorazepam Online


Ordering Lorazepam Online

Speedtrap’s debut album, Powerdose, took many by surprise and left many established acts eating dust on several end-of-the-year lists in 2013. Metal Hammer called it “metal fed on a diet of Motorhead and alcohol, Exciter and suspect powders – high octane and hellbent for leather” while InvisibleOranges.com considered it a “fist-raising triumph.” Since then, Speedtrap have performed across the European continent and also gone through some lineup changes: Jaakko Hietakangas (ex-Ranger) has joined the ranks as second guitarist, and Antti Salminen has taken up bass duties while earlier bassist Markus Hietamies has switched to the drum-set.

Even though Speedtrap still are a loud, obnoxious bunch of catchy riff-mongers with no regard for speed limits, Straight Shooter also showcases the band’s ability to push the envelope and, with their new dual-guitar setup, write memorable songs that twist and turn like a drag racer on LSD.

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